New Super Bros 2 – Nintendo 3DS (World Edition)

  • Price : 39.85

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a side-scrolling Platformer video game for Nintendo 3DS. A sequel to the 2006 Nintendo DS release, New Super Mario Bros., this new game version challenges players to rescue Princess Peach from the latest kidnapping by Bowser, and to collect as masses of Nintendo gold coins while doing so. Of all Mario titles released to date, New Super Mario Bros. 2 contains the the greatest emphasis on gold collection, with over a million coins available throughout the game's 80+ stages. Additional game features include: wireless co-op multiplayer support, new and returning power-ups and hidden items, and SpotPass automatic download functionality for the wireless sharing of information with friends.

  • Features brand new power ups for Mario
  • Raccoon Mario returns with the ability to fly
  • Find and play with a friend who owns the game via local wireless access with the new two player cooperative mode
  • Compatible with Nintendo 3DS only